Reaching out to Parrot enthusiasts, crypto communities, and Croatians.


The project will utilize existing connections and community engagement to raise awareness by leveraging Hugo the Parrot's existing social media following and prominence in Croatian mainstream media. Furthermore, Restack.AI will promote the project within Web3 communities, attracting a larger audience with a high level of interest.

Marketing Plan

We must reach three demographic groups: Parrot enthusiasts, Solana patrons, and the Croatian blockchain community. We aim to educate and convert the existing following from YouTube and Facebook to Twitter and Discord, giving us a strong base of enthusiastic followers. Then reach out to the Solana and Croatian blockchain communities. Hugo the Parrot has a strong advantage, already being a Croatian icon, appearing on TV. Two local broadcasting companies have already stated interest in covering this story, reaching over one million viewers.

Phase 1: Educating the Current Following on Web3

  • TV appearances in Croatia

  • Facebook & YouTube posts covering Web3 concepts

  • Convert current followers to Twitter and Discord.

Phase 2: Croatian TV Appearances

  • Two networks expressed interest in covering the story.

Phase 3: Gain Recognition from the Solana Community

  • Collaboration with the SuperTeam DAO.

  • Working with individual communities.

Phase 4: Community & Social Media

  • Organized campaign in Discord & Twitter.

  • 3-4 months in duration to build interest for an ICO

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