The project aims to launch 10 million tokens, which will be used to start a foundation dedicated to preserving and protecting African Grey Parrots.


Currently, the PARROT Token is active on the Solana blockchain and available on the Orca DEX in limited quantities.


Network: Solana

Name: Hugo the Parrot

Ticker: PARROT

Maximum Supply: 15 million

Planned Supply: 10 million


Orca DEX

Jupiter Aggregator (Planned)



  • 10% of Planned Supply

  • Distribute 1% of tokens as promotional incentives and rewards for community volunteers.

  • Sell 9% of tokens via DEX or direct transactions to finance project development, marketing efforts, and community management.

  • Allocate funds towards meeting the initial liquidity requirement for listing on a major exchange.


  • 50% of Planned Supply

  • Launch the majority of tokens on prominent exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, or Gate.io.

  • Pursue NFT listing on Magic Eden.

Post ICO

  • 40% of the Planned Supply

  • Approximately 6 months following the ICO, Hugo, and Restack.AI will gradually sell their remaining tokens over a 6-month period.

  • Distribute 5,000 to 10,000 NFTs (free of charge) to eligible early holders, subject to a 5% resale royalty. The number will depend on interest.

  • Launch the NFT-based mini-game that is both fun and educational.

  • Explore the possibility of a second NFT drop.

Over the Horizon

The remaining supply (5 million tokens or a third of the tokens) will be held in reserve for future fundraising events or strategic partnerships.

Established Charity Organization

We are actively seeking collaboration with a reputable, well-established NGO focused on parrot preservation. Our objective is to allocate 10% of the funds raised through our initiative to support their vital conservation efforts, fostering a strong partnership to drive the shared mission of protecting these magnificent creatures.

Tokenomic Model

  1. Hugo's organization sells the token on decentralized and centralized exchanges. The proceeds fund his foundation.

  2. The Public acquires the tokens. Holding a set amount of tokens for a set amount of time qualifies the holders for a free NFT drop!

  3. Use Tokens to play NFT games or on Hugo-related merchandise. Winners and consistent players will be awarded tokens and NFTs!

  4. Spent Tokens are returned to Hugo and put back on the market, repeating the cycle.

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